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    James Casey called climb the steep. The first stanza says, For every hill I’ve had the climb, for every rock that bruised my feet, for all the blood and sweat and grime, for blinding storms and burning heat. My heart sings but a grateful song. These were the things that made me strong. What kind […]
  • Let Your Pain Be Your Fuel
    If you’re not where you want to be, you need to go after it – with everything you have inside of you. It’s not because of the system. It’s not because of circumstance. It’s not because of her or him. It’s not because of the weather or your boss. It’s not because your parents said […]
  • The Road To Success
    The road to success is not straight. There is a curve called Failure, a loop called Confusion, speed bumps called Friends, red lights called Enemies, caution lights called Family. You will have flat tires called Jobs, but if you have a spare called Determination, an engine called Perserverance, a driver called Will Power, you will […]
  • Three Simple Things To Remember This Morning
    Talent is God-Given.. Be Grateful. Fame is Man-Given.. Be Humble. Conceit is Self-Given.. Be Careful. – John Wooden
  • The One Statement – We Should Post Everywhere